What if people living in poverty could take the lead on challenging the city’s leaders to work with them on tackling poverty? Would it make a difference to the decisions that are being made? Would new solutions to poverty be discovered? Would people listen and, if they did, would they better understand the challenges that poverty brings?

The Story So Far

The Commission launched in July. Public life commissioners and grassroots commissioners are now meeting together regularly to discuss issues and solutions.


Seeds of truth

The journey so far for the Salford Poverty Truth Commission has been one of uncertainty, opportunity and excitement. At the start of the process we were working only with a seed of an idea, a table full of passionate people and a faith in what this could develop into. Throughout the last year the seed […]

Alain’s story

Alain Bougan (on the right in the photo) is one of our grassroots commissioners. He came to the UK from Cameroon in 2007, seeking sanctuary. He wanted to share his story here.