The Story So Far

This is the timetable for the Commission’s activities:

March 2016

The Commission team was out and about meeting new people who have direct experience of poverty. We have been listening to their stories and telling them a bit about the Commission.

April to June 2016

We gathered together people we’d met over the past few months to tell their stories, listen to one another, begin to explore what poverty means in Salford, and eat together. This happened once every week. Also during this time, the team met with civic and business leaders who might want to join the commission.

July 2016

The ‘grassroots’ commissioners (those with direct experience of poverty) and the ‘public life’ commissioners (civic and business leaders) met together at a public launch event. It was an opportunity for stories of poverty to be told.

Click here to read a report and watch videos from the launch event.

September 2016 to September 2017

Working groups will meet to look at the issues in more depth. These meet every month, and include both grassroots and public life commissioners. There will also be a number of full gatherings of all the commissioners throughout this period.

October 2017

There will be a final event of the Commission where its findings are presented.

November 2017 and onwards

Organisations that have been involved in the Commission will seek to embed its findings within their practice.